What do Dances on planet Earth superaim for?

I know that many dancers are lost in thoughts whence they can learn to ad-lib. In what way should one grind this or that dance style away? How to properly stretch? Whereby can we win dance actions? On what subject should a dance performance be based and whichever music selected? How on earth could dancers open their own schools and teach sapiens around us to dance?
Yeah, there are clearly lots of questions, and you certainly can get answers to these ones by asking them in our Dancers’ Support centre… yet…have you ever mused upon whichsoever higher and more important supergoals are pursued by the Dances? Where would it all bring us? What exactly and in what sequence shall we, dancers, do? What has at this point already been accomplished owing to the Dances? What have we not still namely done? What can else be implemented by virtue of the Dances? Why do people start to dance? And in what manner does all this influence our outward things up to the Universe?
…and again, there are thousands of such questions but I will try conclusions to designate conjectural Dancing supergoals for you, due to what I will make an attempt to reveal answers to at least a portion of the questions trinketting so much…


1. To comprehensively develop the humanity: physically, morally, psychologically, metally, intellectually, in a spiritual way and so on…

2. To bring the man back to his natural origins…or in other words: reunite him with nature;

3. To create an universal language, thanks to which everybody — up to extraterrestrial civilizations — will be able to understand each other;

4. To teach the wight control his own body and energy;

5. To unite the humanity due to dancing synchrones;

6. To teach a person live not only in the past and future but also in present, thus raising consciousness;

7. To give people a facility for evidencing their consciousness, ipso facto turning extraterrestrial civilizations’ heads.

Methinks, that is enough for a start. I will draw a picture of every single item and reply to all subject questions mentioned before the Supergoals’ list in further spreads. So that keep track of the updates.

Live, dance and don’t forget to set yourself Supergoals!

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